Customer Relationship Management

In order to improve business relationships with current and potential customers, and to ultimately inflict sales growth, a CRM system is required.

With Qsoft's CRM system you can collect all your customers' data in one centralized database, monitor their activities and perform data analysis, all in one platform.
We support B2B and B2C environments.

Improve customers satisfaction, customer service efficiency and effectiveness.

Aircraft Maintenance Control System

Customer-call & Service-request management

Activities follow-up


Return Merchandise Authorization

Repair cost

Warranty management

What other functions and features are available?

Qsoft DMS (Data Management System)

The Qsoft Data Management System (DMS) is a user interface for data collection, producing reports and performing analysis.

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Android Application

How to easily customize your product?

Qset Generator

The Qset Application Generator helps users who are not software developers or software oriented to specify and maintain data collection and analysis systems with the best adaptation to the organization's needs.

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Customer Support