Quality Management System- ISO 9000

All industries are faced with regulatory, quality and operational risk management challenges. Qsoft's flexible architecture and cross-functional approach have prompted companies in pharmaceutical, energy, aviation and other manufacturing industries to implement Our Quality Management System in their business-critical processes.

To keep customers satisfied, the organization needs to meet their requirements.
The ISO 9000 standard family provides a tried and tested framework for taking a systematic approach to managing the organization's processes.

Quality Management System

Customer Complaints

Follow-ups and the preparation of reports for Management Reviews, inclusive of cross-indexing, Paretto and Pie (Slices) charts.

Document Control


Calibration System

Calibration Index/Log, equipment retrieving (for calibration) and calibration follow-up.

Decision-making Follow-up

Tasks follow-up and progress & implementation reports.


Internal audits management.

Corrective and preventive actions reporting

Classification per corrective action(s) rate and decisions on preventive action(s).

Incoming Inspection

Vendor Rating and Vendor Approval and Listing.

Nonconforming Material Control

Training and Certification Follow-up

Establishing and maintaining a Training & Certification Log.

What other functions and features are available?

Qsoft DMS (Data Management System)

The Qsoft Data Management System (DMS) is a user interface for data collection, producing reports and performing analysis.

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Android Application

How to easily customize your product?

Qset Generator

The Qset Application Generator helps users who are not software developers or software oriented to specify and maintain data collection and analysis systems with the best adaptation to the organization's needs.

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